About Sofia


My name is Sofia Jern and I am a photographer from Finland. I grew up in Kenya after which my life has been a constant journey between the two countries. Photography for me means to generate meaningful change, by using narrative to inspire action in others.

Capturing stories also means being interested in other people and I am constantly living a life of comparison between different cultures. Through my photographs and stories I wish to encourage a dialogue about the diversity of cultures. It is important to me that people feel at ease in front of my camera, so that they remain unchanged in their own surroundings. In order for me to photograph a person in an unaffected environment, there must be trust between us. I am inspired to compose by the contrast of sunlight and shadows and I am not limited to countries or borders. I enjoy life the most when I am travelling with my small backpack and my camera.

In 2016 I got the honor of being selected the Student Focus winner at Sony World Photography Awards and my work has been exhibited in England, China, Slovakia, Finland, USA and Germany.




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