Who owns the old Maa nation?

Masai Mara nationalreservat, ligger i sydvästra Kenya 270 km från Nairobi. Med en storlek på 1 510 km2 är reservatet inte det största i Kenya, men troligen det mest välkända. I söder gränsar Masai Mara till Serengeti nationalpark i Tanzania. Parken är känd för den stora mängden lejon, och i juli och augusti även den stora migrationen, då miljontals gnuer vandrar in i parken söderifrån.[1]

Reservatet är uppkallat efter massajerna som bor i och runt omkring Masai Mara, och Marafloden, som rinner rätt igenom parken.


The Glue Boys

a life on Kenya’s streets

They are killed by the police, forgotten by the people and ignored in social debates. The use of psychoactive substances among street children for survival has been a prevalent problem in most urban centres in Kenya. Street children constitute a marginalized population in most urban centres of the world. In Kenya, there are 250,000 - 300,000 children living and working on the streets. In my Bachelor’s thesis “Glue Boys”, I have been following the street children of Kenya for a year and through photographs I want to tell their story. The street children in Kenya are the most hated group of people in the country.


Will you still need me?

The last night he was here in this home he held me in his arms and wispered "Oh my dear little friend"

The number of people who are over 80 years old has increased fivefold during the past 40 years in Finland. A majority of 174 707 people living alone are women. These numbers are not surprising and in Finland today we are used to see people living a life of loneliness.

I wanted to understand this captivating world of solitude, where the daily routine becomes a bond and the beloved ones become a lively adventure. Inga-Britt was born in 1936 and her husband Mats-Edvin passed away five years ago. Ever since she has lived alone in their house in Isokyrö in Western Finland. The world moves on, the flowers keep growing and the season changes. After a while Inga-Britt learned that life doesn't stop just because a part of hers did.  I got invited into her atmosphere where everything and especially the little things matters. A mouse in her garden keeps avoiding its traps, the patterns on the knitting projects become a story that varies from blue to grey. When the stormy world kept spinning she found herself calm and joyful once again.